Planned Aesthetic (visual inspiration)

Outside Facade




  • Approx. 28 ft long

  • Concrete floor (easy to mop clean / hygiene)

  • Left side of wall painted to color match Manduka Prolite Thunder Mat

  • Hang freshly cleaned mats along left side of wall to air dry (hygiene)

  • James Turrell inspired, budget friendly, concise lighting

  • End of hallway has welcoming neon sign, “welcome to HAWT”

  • Aromatics: Healing, awakening, welcoming essential oils diffused within hallway

  • Those oils are sold in lobby (Jiva Apoha)

  • The hallway itself functions as an art installation

  • People encouraged to stroll though welcoming, non-ominous gateway

  • Entering lobby and yoga room transformed

lobby / gallery

  • Approx. 300 sqft

  • Concrete floors, white walls

  • Feature artwork (high level photographers, artists)

  • Global artists, not just local. Bring the world to LB

  • Rotate featured artist quarterly or TBA

  • Artwork may have theme: LB architecture, community, empowerment

  • Lighting for the space and to compliment artwork is important

  • Easy to clean non-slip mats color matched to concrete

  • Walls  budget friendly and forgiving enough to raise & repair artwork rotations

  • Community encouraged to come together

  • WISHLIST: bathtub placed in lobby for ice-bath events

  • WISHLIST: bathtub multi-functions as bench (remove-able tub top)

  • HAWT’s lobby dual function as one of Long Beach’s premier art galleries

  • Showcasing photographers & artists from around the world

  • Gallery will Increase studio visibility: SEO / attract social media

  • The lobby itself whether a  visitor trains or not, is a destination

  • Attractive, welcoming,

ROW 1:

  • White Soul Cycle inspired: communal, analog lockers color matched white to walls in lobby

  • Multi- function as storage: merchandise, office / cleaning supplies, props, etc

  • Soul Cycle inspired metal bench, color matched to HAWT’s Pantone 7611 C

  • Easy to clean, possibly stackable, forgiving to drenched, wet students (hygiene)

  • Multi-functional decor: glass bowls for sound baths, sound healing, flickering LED candles

    ROW 2:

  • Multi-functional decor: tripods, pedestals, slabs for march, art, photographers

  • Multi-functional decor: photographer equipment

  • Multi-functional decor: Backdrop build into gallery / lobby

    • White or black, 10 x 12' Muslin Backdrop from Photoflex is an ideal size for medium to large products and head and shoulders portraiture.

    • Two sewn-in channels that slide over the Photoflex BackDrop Pole or other background support system

    • Both sides are usable and the muslin fabric is color-fast and can be washed on gentle cycle.

    ROW 3:

  • Towel, yoga mat self-rental station: Members use FOB to rent. No cash

  • Ikea Kallax shelving unit: white or black 2X4

    • Cubbies on right side may accommodate 7 mats / cubby

    • Cubbies on left side may accommodate 9 towels / cubby

  • White Yeti Tundra 45 hard ICED coolers with Evian 1L bottles for self-purchase: Members use FOB to rent. No cash

  • Tundra 45 hard cooler $300 28 bottles VS. : Tundra 35 hard cooler $250 21 bottles?

  • Stack 2 coolers

  • White vs. Charcoal colored towels?

Unisex restrooms

  • Y7 Yoga Studio inspired unisex restrooms

  • Booth 1: ADA unisex shower w/toilet, & sink

  • Booth 2: Unisex toilet

  • Booth 3 & 4: Unisex shower

  • “communal cleansing corridor” : sink, mirrors

  • 1 precast concrete deep sink w 2 vanity faucets

  • Culture trained to take timely showers

  • Doors have indicators “green open / red closed”

  • Easy to clean, hygienic

  • Announcement board, upcoming events, sales, specials, thank you’s

  • AED machine, first aid storage

  • Ice-bath events, drainage


  • Approx. 1000 sqft

  • Multi-functional: special events (photoshoots, receptions, art shows, concerts: MTV Unplugged inspired)

    ROW 1:

  • Soul Cycle inspired “select your mat space”

  • Blacked out ceiling

  • Floor: Concrete floor VS. charcoal colored composite (non-wood) floor

  • Floor: Cost VS. slip-resistant

  • Efficient “radiant heat” panels (black) to use along HVAC

  • Teachers able to heat specific zones, as some cannot practice in full heat: “zone heating”

  • LED lighting to manage ambiance via colors, control panel

    • Philips- Hue Lightstrip Plus LED Smart light - Multicolor

    ROW 2:

  • Entry short side wall: Ikea Kallax shelving unit: white or black 5X5

    • Product dimensions

      Width: 71 5/8 "
      Depth: 15 3/8 "
      Height: 71 5/8 "

  • Long side wall: white, plain, non-mirrored

  • Long side wall: mirrored

    • WISHLIST / non-priority: backlit mirrored (ROW 1)

  • Marina Bay / Facade facing short side wall: Glass

    • This side is considered front of class

    • Back on trainer faces toward Marina Bay / Facade

    • Single spotlight overhead, pre-positioned

    • Between trainer’s back and glass facade, black and opaque backdrops

  • Sound system with hard wire (prefer not to use bluetooth)

    • Sonos Sound

  • Soundproof room, test acoustics

    • Acoustic ceiling panels

  • Charging stations for instructors

  • Cameras for security and remote classes, emergency exit

  • Ceiling suspension: 10 TRX stations, multi-function for arial yoga

  • Students given check-in cards to place on front corner of mat:

    • green: ok for adjustments

    • red: no-thank you

    • yellow: managing injury, special assistance ie: heart murmur, RN, doctor, paramedic, etc

outdoor sunrise yoga classes

  • Enjoy a beautiful outdoor practice before the entire center starts the day!

  • 500A-600A: Outdoor Run Club (all levels) 5-10K *MUST PRE-REGISTER

  • 615A-715A: Outdoor Sunrise Yoga (all levels) *MUST PRE-REGISTER