5 Successful Tips for the New Yogi (Yoga Student)

1. Buy the Right Yoga Mat:
Don’t stress getting an expensive yoga mat. You can easily pick one up for under $30 at Target, Whole Foods, or any sporting goods store. Shy away from the foamy, dense, thick, pilates mat. Those mats tend to be unstable during yoga standing poses while barefoot. Usually yoga studios have mat rentals. Also, that’s a great way to test out different yoga mat brands.

HOT YOGA TIP: Skip the expensive yoga towel for now. Bring a beach towel to place on your yoga mat to soak up the sweat of all those burned calories!

2. Find a comfortable yoga outfit:
Everyone is uniquely beautiful. The wonderful thing about yoga is exploring patience with your present beauty. Finding your yoga outfit can be challenging. Instead of expensive name brands, simply look for items that you feel comfortable in. Try them on, explore some movement in them. Different clothes articulate in different ways. For example surf board shorts may dry quickly, but can be restrictive during movement.

HOT YOGA TIP: Layering clothing helps. You can literally peel of sweat soaked clothing. Bring a plastic bag for wet clothing and afterwards, don’t forget to air dry everything to prevent mildew/ mold.    

3. Do Yoga alone:
Yoga buddies are great, but waiting to schedule times to go to class with a friend doesn’t always work. Trying to coordinate times can lead to pitfalls of never attending class.  Expect that you will practice alone. Know that you are doing this for you. Embrace the concept of although you may be practicing amongst strangers, you are in a amazing community.

4. Explore Yoga studios and search for deals:
This is an amazing hack. This works whenever you move to a new area.  Usually studios offer an “Intro Package”. Just rotate studios until you find something that works.

For example: Purpleyoga.org $29/ 14 days unlimited yoga/indoor cycle classes

The great thing about new members on an “Intro Package” is that they sometimes include discounts on merchandise and/or class packs.

5. I can’t find the right time to go:
Look up and schedule a class. The biggest challenge is that first class. Arrive early to find parking. Usually, your teacher/ instructor will be at the front desk checking students in. This is your time to inform him/her of any injuries, your yoga experience level, and any other concerns.