500A-600A: Outdoor Sunrise RUN CLUB

  • meditative 5K-10K before You start the day!

615A-715A: Outdoor Sunrise Yoga

500A-600A: In-studio Sunrise HAWTYOGA

615A-715A: HAWTYOGA or HAWTBOD! (45 min.)

730A-830A: HAWTYOGA or HAWTBOD! (45 min.)

900A-1000A: HAWTYOGA or Slow & Strong

1030A-1140A: HAWTYOGA or Slow & Strong

NOON-100P: Lunch Crush: HAWTYOGA (45 min.) or HAWTBOD! (45 min.)

300P-400P: HAWTBOX (kids welcome)

415P-515P: HAWTBOD! (45 min.) or HAWTBOX (kids welcome)

530P-630P: HAWTYOGA, HAWTBOD! (45 min.), or HAWTBOX

700P-800P: HAWTYOGA, Slow & Strong, or Deliciously Restorative

815P-915P: HAWTYOGA, Slow & Strong, or Deliciously Restorative



700A-800A: SATURDAY Outdoor Sunrise Yoga

830A-930A: SATURDAY Outdoor Sunrise Yoga or RUN CLUB

900A-1000A: SUNDAY Outdoor Sunrise Yoga

1030A-1130A: SUNDAY Outdoor Sunrise Yoga or RUN CLUB

900A-1010A: HAWTBOD! (45 min.) or HAWBOX

1030A-1140A: HAWTYOGA

Noon-230P: Workshops & seminars

300P-400P: ADULT HAWTBOD! (45 min.) or HAWTBOX

430P-530P: HAWTYOGA or Slow & Strong


Anticipated Rates

Single Class: $25

10 Classes: $199

20 Classes: $299

Monthly Unlimited/ Autopay PREMIUM: $125

  • 5% discount on workshops

  • 3 month commitment

Monthly Unlimited/ Autopay SUPREME: $150

  • includes mat & towel

  • priority on sold-out classes

  • 10% discount on workshops

  • year commitment

“However it is you get to practice, consider it self-investment. You are choosing to invest in yourself via self-care/ self-work. Some may even give up certain luxuries like going out less or becoming a bit more fiscally conscious to get to the studio. I am grateful for your commitment to train and support the studio.”



e·thos noun. the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

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Service (team leaders, studio support):

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Studio Culture:

The Surrounding Community