• 80+ DEGREES / all levels flow / 70 min.

  • Beginners to advanced / Injured to athletic

  • Breath, strength, stability, mobility


    • 0-10 min. Welcome, warmup

    • 10-20 min. Breath, theme introduced

    • 20-30 min. ROUND 01: Flow

    • 30-40 min. ROUND 02: Flow

    • 40-50 min. ROUND 03: Flow

    • 50-60 min. FINAL ROUND: Core, backbend, inversion

    • 60-70 min. WELCOME TO RECOVERY

    • 70 min. Final Pose: WELCOME TO SAVASANA


  • 80+ DEGREES / all levels / 60 min.

  • Beginners to advanced / kids to adults

  • No uniform, no extra equipment needed

  • Practice barefoot

  • FUN! Cardio striking using hands, elbows, knees, feet

  • A GREAT workout to compliment your yoga practice


    • 0-10 min. Welcome, warmup

    • 10-20 min. Breath, theme introduced

    • 20-30 min. ROUND 01: Demo, shadowbox, focus-mitts

    • 30-40 min. ROUND 02: Demo, shadowbox, focus-mitts

    • 40-50 min. ROUND 03: Demo, shadowbox, focus-mitts

    • 50-60 min. FINAL ROUND: Open



  • Room temperature / all levels / candles

  • Focus on restoring the self

  • Indulge in self-care / self-love

  • Light meditation, movement, breath work

  • Props used: lacrosse balls, blocks, bolsters

  • A DELICIOUS treat to finish your day


  • 80+ DEGREES / all levels candlelit flow

  • Beginners to advanced / Injured to athletic

  • Pay $10 cash or $20 card

  • No extra charge for 10/20pack or yearly members


  • 80+ DEGREES / all levels / 60 min.

  • Explore 7 movements: pull, push, hinge, squat, rotate, lunge, walk

  • Kettle bell, steel mace, TRX, & bodyweight drills

  • GREAT workout to compliment your yoga practice


    • 0-10 min. Welcome, warm-up, breath

    • 10-20 min. ROUND 01: 7 movements

    • 30-40 min. ROUND 02: 7 movements

    • 40-50 min. ROUND 03: 7 movements

    • 50-60 min. FINAL ROUND: 7 movements



  • 80+ DEGREES / all levels / 60 min.

  • Half the amount of poses as HAWTYOGA

  • More time in poses

  • Gives newer students more time to learn poses

  • Gives students managing injuries more time to explore modifications

  • Gives athletic/ advanced students more time to explore variations




  • Yoga mat rental: $5 (includes towel)

  • Towel rental: $2

  • Water refill station

  • Shower

  • Quick access from freeways

  • Free parking


  • Single class: $20

  • 10 class pack: $150

    • Packs do not expire

  • 20 class pack $240

    • Packs do not expire

  • Month (31 days) $100

    • Non auto-debit

  • Monthly UNLIMITED (auto-debit) $80

    • Sign-up for this in-studio

What to bring for class

  • Yoga mat

  • Hydration or water bottle

  • Large towel for mat

  • Another towel for self

  • Enter with clean feet

Download the mindbody app on your device

Download the mindbody app on your device

search and favorite: HAWTYOGA

search and favorite: HAWTYOGA

explore pricing, schedule, & location

explore pricing, schedule, & location




“Cidney is a wonderful, gifted and talented teacher. He is the reason I came back to yoga to give it a second chance. I’m a certified Pilates instructor and I recognize when people teach from the heart and care about there students, Cidney does and I appreciate that. Thank you for sharing your wonderful practice with us! I look forward to many more classes with you!!.”

— Kimmy

Strong Intuition

“Under his instruction and with strong intuition, Cidney will guide you through a journey of concise adjustments that amount to a whole galaxy of strengths and weaknesses, both physical and emotional. “It’s amazing,” he’ll say over and over again, with pure conviction, while sharing personal narratives, both humorous and tragic, to encourage an exploration into our hearts and thus elevate and optimize our physical experience. There is so much depth in this discipline that hadn’t occurred to me before taking Cidney’s class. I truly am grateful for his guidance in discovering it.”

— Susan Moffett.


“Connect.Breathe.Heal.Believe. You inspire students to “bloom.” One month ago, I could barely do downward dog or chaturanga…I am a plus size practitioner, but…but now I can flow into both! You makin’ me strong. AND YOU have THE best music! (Please make tracks for some of your fellow instructors!) The combination of your music, voice and verbal cues elicits a meditative state where weakness becomes power. “Quiet the birds!” Sometimes I cry cause I’m grateful for your compassion. From passing out xtra towels, to placing an intuitive hand on a sore shoulder. You show such care and love for the art as well as your students! I love your meditation at the end of class as well as the poetry a thebeginning of class. Thank you for giving so much of yourself. And teaching us to trust ourselves! You are an incredible teacher…Please teach more classes at LB Purple Yoga!”

— Rafaela