To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the pleasure to know Cidney Corpuz for the past few years.  Along the way I have had him in classes, watched him taking other classes and overall have been privileged to realize the human side of this extraordinary man.

It’s a rare opportunity in the area we live in to come into contact with someone like Cidney.  His great respect for yoga, for the people that attend classes and the actual yoga studio surrounding itself, is unmatched.  Because of his marital arts background and great knowledge of eastern philosophy, his presence alone is peaceful but yet disciplined.

Cidney is extremely aware of the mind- body connection.  His senses are highly attuned and I can tell from watching him in class and discussing yoga with him that he understands and feels the deep healing benefits of yoga beyond the physical realm.  He responds especially well when adjusted, with less resistance then most people I’ve encountered.  Cidney then from this learning discovers the pathways in which his body can move to unleash habitual patterns on all levels, which no longer make sense or serve his highest good.

Cidney is one of the most unique, genuine, loving and dedicated yoga practitioners I’ve met in the 10 years I’ve owned Triad Yoga & Pilates with my business partner Newton Campbell.  It’s with a deep conviction of the heart, that I unconditional recommend Cidney for teacher training.  Cidney is one of those rare people you meet in life that you never forget and I know that as a yoga instructor, people will be taken on an unforgettable yoga journey like none other.

Thank you and Namaste,

— Mark A. Devenpeck Co-Owner: Triad Yoga & Pilates

psst! ……….. don’t tell anyone but You are my favorite ;-) Yours was the first yoga class I have attended and it was awesome!! You truly made me feel welcome, comfortable and “O.K.”. Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve and giving your whole self to us <3 You rock!!

— Alison



Ahhhh! O my goodness….I always love your classes and your unique style and way of teaching! It speaks to me much stronger than any other class I’ve taken. And for some reason, I always end up crying in your class or after it for that matter. I find that the way that you teach is very empowering and powerful. Thank you for your presence because it really does do a lot and thank you for always teaching silence in your class….it stays with me in every other class that I take and also thank you for answering all of my questions when I pose them to you! I know I have like 50 new questions on each different pose, so thank you for taking the time to answer them!
I really appreciate all that you do and thank you for teaching.

— Ashley H.

“Happy Hour”

Thank you for sharing your practice. Your unique approach encourages me to attend your classes whenever my schedule allows.

You often mention that you are so glad to have us there – since we could be out hanging with our buds partying. Little do you realize this class is my happy hour (+10 minutes)… as I’m surrounded by wonderfully positive spirits and friends. In fact, this is so much better as it is very cleansing for the body and soul, and without the hangover!

— Paul S.


“feel beautiful”

Every opportunity I have had to learn from, share, and feed off of your gift of teaching, my heart, my body, my soul, and my mind have been taken to a place that my practice has never been before. I am grateful to have met you and been able to take in more and more of the knowledge that you have to offer. Thank you for making me feel beautiful and helping me to shine!

The athlete’s workshop was a wonderful way for me to show my all-star athlete boyfriend that yoga is not only for people who wear lulus, don’t eat meat, and walk around barefoot. He said he felt like he “was in an episode on National Geographic” haha but he connected with your message and we both were really thankful that we attended the workshop!

— Emily

“fullfilling & Challenging”

I have taken at least 50 yoga classes (mostly Bikram) in the last year and have never had an experience as amazing as I had today taking Cidney’s class. It was fullfilling and challenging physically, emotionally and mentally. Cidney made every effort to connect with me and the other students. He kept us laughing and built our confidence throughout the class. Cideny’s calming spirit allowed me to hone in and focus on my practice while remembering the importance of maintaining a steady breathe. I am 4 months pregnant, which he immediately acknowledged and made every effort to ensure I was comfortable yet constantly challenging myself. I am so grateful for this experience and cannot wait to be his regular student. Thank you.

— Ashley S.